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The Sunflower
A Winged Tiger Graphic Novel without any words!

The Winged Tiger in Singapore

More Winged Tiger Books

Steve the Dog & the Winged Tiger

The Winged Tiger in China

The Dragons of Hawai'i

The Legend of the Winged Tiger

The Winged Tiger and The Lace Princess

The Winged Tiger Graphic Novel: A book without words!

The Winged Tiger's World Peace Party Puzzle Book

Reading Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs Across America (THE BOOK!)
Theo the Dinosaur
Theo the Dinosaur CD-ROM


Cazco: What a Long Strange Trip It's Been.

Frank the Unicorn

The Adventures of a Modern Day Unicorn
Frank the Unicorn in England
Frank and Syd on the Brooklyn Bridge
Frank on the Farm
Mr. Frank goes to Washington, D.C.


The Penguin is Mightier Than The Swordfish


Voyage to Veggie Isle

Books about Philip K. Dick

To The High Castle. Philip K. Dick: A Life, by Gregg Rickman

Philip K. Dick: In His Own Words, by Gregg Rickman

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