The Dragons of Hawai'i

48 pages of black and white detailed drawing in the old etching style of the masters. One illustration per page in a 9x12" landscape format, it's a children's book for all ages.

This fun-for-all-ages book tells the story of how five dragons came from five different places (four are from Earth and one is from another planet) to live in Hawaii with the help of the Winged Tiger's magical powers. Each dragon, Red, Lilly, Rusty, Geo and Erin represents a different element and has a very different background, but they all share a deep love of music and when all characters are united at the end of the story. The page goes to full color, and they form a band of musicians.

In the future books of this series (we have at least ten books planned right now), the Dragons of Hawaii are a musical band who have adventures in various places around the world - the second book of the series will take place in Hawaii and the third in China and so on.

This first book tells a funny tale featuring the importance of music and also other various lessons lightly sprinkled in the story. It is designed to be a book that encourages everyone to play a musical instrument.

About these characters and the creators: Jon J. Murakami and Phil have worked together for many years and introduced the Dragons of Hawaii in Phil's Patrick Rabbit comic book series many years ago. They also appear regularly in Phil's Winged Tiger comics and stories and each character has a distinct personality. Jon's artwork lends itself to animation and each of these dragons is designed with animated films in mind as well as licensing. Jon is one of the most popular artists in Hawaii with his own line of more than 200 greeting cards drawn to accent the specific lifestyle of the islands. His cards are among the most popular in the state. Jon also draws a comic strip in Hawaii and his freelance work is in high demand from clients as diverse as airlines, banks and T-shirt companies. Jon is also the artist on a best-selling series of books written by Professor Peter Coraggio called The Art of Piano Performance in Illustrated Form. The books are printed in Japan, Korea and The United States. Jon was born and continues to live in Hawaii and is of Korean, Filipino and Japanese background.

Phil Yeh was born in Chicago to a Chinese father who came to the US in 1948 and a mid-west mother of European background. He started his own publishing company in 1970 and has written and illustrated more than 80 books. In 1985, his friend Wally Amos inspired him to create Cartoonists Across America and the World dedicated to using cartoons and humor to promote literacy, creativity and the arts throughout the world. This band of artists has to date painted more than 1400 colorful murals and distributed millions of books in more than 12 countries and 49 states in the USA. The Winged Tiger was created by Phil in 1980 and has proven to be one of his most popular character. The character has been introduced to audiences of millions of fans throughout the world including China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Mexico and throughout Europe. His graphic novel, The Winged Tiger, in 1993, was recently voted one of the top 101 graphic novels in history. Phil and Jon first met in the 1980s when Jon was just 18. They have worked together for years and this series of Dragons of Hawaii books reflects the incredible harmony that both their styles have together.

The goal of Eastwind Studios is to have editions published in 100 languages as well as editions that feature two languages to help students learn a second language. The series will take the characters all over the planet in the future and will be colored by Lieve Jerger, Phil's longtime friend and fellow artist.

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