Lieve Jerger

Lieve Jerger invented copper lace art. She is an artist whose bold sculptures and wall pieces, woven in copper wire, present an exciting and innovative use of the century-old tradition of lacemaking. Rather than adopt the fine linen threads traditionally associated with the art of Belgian bobbin lace, Lieve employs oversize bobbins wound with different gauges of copper wire to create sculptures of her own design. These dazzling copper lace works combine an old world reverence for tradition and craftsmanship with a new world demand for innovation and daring, giving her artwork an instant and unforgettable appeal. Each work is planned, designed and executed by the artist. Given the unique and time-consuming nature of her craft, each of her works is a signature piece. See some of the copper lace sculptures on Lieve's website.

Lieve was born in 1950 near Bruges, the historic lacemaking center of Belgium. Her friendship with Phil Yeh started when she moved to California, way back in 1974. In 1996, both artists collaborated on a wonderful children's book, "The Winged Tiger and The Lace Princess.", which is available in our bookstore

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Construction of Lieve's "Copper Lace Carriage" started in 1977. The windows are reflections of her inner thoughts, images and places she loves. These images and the art of making lace give her inner peace. The carriage moves her in the direction of a happy future. Though yet unfinished, the carriage is the essence of Lieve's artistic legacy.

Check out our animation section to see more of Lieve's copper lace art.

In addition to her Copper Lace work, Lieve is doing a wonderful job colorizing The Winged Tiger Comics and Stories.


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