Cartoonists Across America's
2003 Florida "Spring Break"
at MegaCon 2003

CAA-VP Danny DeAngelo organized two great mural painting events in the Sunshine State which forced Phil Yeh to fly to sunny Florida in the middle of winter.... Unfortunately, Phil lives in sunny Central California and it was raining in FL much of his trip! The first event was held at the Volusia Mall in Daytona Beach on February 26, 2003. Artists from the Florida team who came to lend a hand at the mall included Marsha McLaughlin, Dave Allen and Tim Winstead.

After a day of rest courtesy of Courtyard by Marriott in Downtown Orlando, Phil was ready for the big 3-day MegaCon pop culture convention which went from February 28 to March 2, 2003 before 16,000 fans at the massive Orange County Convention Center. Tim Winstead brought his self-invented stand for the mural at our booth and aside from Marsha and Dave, we were also joined by Danny DeAngelo and veteran cartoonist Rob Smith. Rob draws caricatures at our events in Florida and donates the tips to CAA's efforts to promote literacy. He always has a continuous line of excited fans for his continuous line work. This is a guy who used to work at Disney World, folks! While Rob drew in the fans (excuse the pun), Phil and the team created another mural for a local school in the area. Marsha added an exciting new addition to this mural with her fabric paints which gave the finished piece a 3-D look.

Danny DeAngelo, Phil Yeh, Tim Winstead (seated), Jim Fern (from CrossGen), Dave Allen

Marsha McLaughlin is a very talented hearing-impaired cartoonist who works in local papers and art shows. As is the amazing luck of Cartoonists Across America, artist Tim Winstead is the son of hearing-impaired parents and his signing skills really come in handy when Marsha works with us. Phil believes there are no coincidences!

Lots of famous artists stopped by to say hello to us at MegaCon and we always try and snap a few shots to show our many friends who support literacy and the arts.

CrossGen artist George Perez stopped by with model Diana Knight, who poses as Wonder Woman and other characters at cons. George is one of the most famous and nicest comic book artists in the field. He was also a guest artist in the 8th issue of The Winged Tiger comics & stories. That same issue features Danny DeAngelo's Major Impact on the cover.

Witchblade star actor, Anthony Cistaro, came by to say hello to both Phil and Danny. These shots with actors should help us get that movie deal someday, right?

These hands belong to the famous cartoonist Rob Smith who is truly the nicest guy in all of cartooning! His free caricatures are always a big hit at our events in Florida. Check out Rob's web site at

Detail of the finished mural at MegaCon 2003. We cannot wait to come do it again. Phil met a girl who was dressed from a character in Japanese cartoons with a plush turtle on her head and on the spot created a brand new character for his own Winged Tiger comics for the future. Don't tell anyone, but she is going to have an ant-farm on her head and the power to annoy folks at picnics. Watch for her in a comic book near you.